Subject: The Thundering Heard #127
Date to send: 3/16/2016 at 12:00 PM

Las Plumas High School
Home of the Thunderbirds
-Edition #127 of The Thundering Heard- Thursday, March 17, 2016
RECURRING MEETINGS:  Monday: @ lunch:  GSA in 110; Key Club in 1207; and, Dance Club after school  Tuesday:  @ lunch: Environmental Club in 206; Dance Club in 611; Guitar Club in 219.  Wednesday: @ lunch:  Juniors –Prom planning meetings every Wednesday in 2001Film Club in 313 and FNL in room 630; Thursday:  @ lunch: Asian Club in 1201 and Campus JAM in 203. Friday:  @ lunch:  GSA in 110; Link Crew in 612; Anime Club 1500; Guitar Club in 219, and Dance Club after school Counseling information:
  1. The Blood Source Scholarship application is due tomorrow. This scholarship is open to seniors who have participated in the high school blood drive committee at least once while in high school. Stop by the counseling office for an application.
  2. Today’s Enrichment Presentation is with Feather River Parks and Recreation. They’ll be here to announce their summer jobs and explain the application process. If you enjoy working with children and being outdoors this may be the perfect way to spend your summer.
  3. Seniors, this break is the perfect time to work on scholarships. Consider stopping by the counseling office to pick up applications for the following opportunities: CA Wine Grape Growers, Due March; CA Alarm Association, Due March 25; CA State Retirees,  Due March 30; Calcot-Seitz Foundation, Due March 31; PTA District 13, Due March 31; Dave Bruce Hall of Fame, Due March 31
  1. In the Counseling Office there is a sign-up sheet for students who are interested in information from any military branch.   Afterward a branch representative of your choice will contact you. 
  • Local Scholarship for seniors
  • Deadline April 15th
  • For seniors- IMPORTANT
FROM THE ADMINISTRATION:   Students are not allowed to loiter in the student parking lot between classes.  Any student caught tampering with another student’s vehicle will be subject to suspension.
You can help keep your campus safe by reporting potential school violence and serious crimes such as: threats, harassment, bullying, weapons, theft, vandalism, and drugs. All calls will remain anonymous. Remember, we want your information, not your name! MAKE THE CALL, stop the violence. The phone number is 538-2310 Ext. 2221. The following locations are off limits to students:   The athletic fields are off limits to students during the consultation periods.  This area includes the softball, baseball, track and football fields. The T-Bird stadium bleachers are off limits. No one is to be out there or near them.  Autrey Lane, between Las Plumas Avenue and Monte Vista is a no parking zone.  REMEMBER: The student parking lot will be locked @10:30 PM; all vehicles left there will be locked in until the next day.
Duty Schedule Week I